The 30 minutes of hula hooping I did on Monday did not prepare me for today’s walk around the scout camp.
It was prettier and muddier than ever. I loved walking through all the trees and how they kept the wind away.

As race day draws near, I want you to start getting




It’s going will be a great day!

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On the Fence? Jump!

Over the weekend we asked some of our racers what their experience level was and if they had any words of encouragement for someone who might be on the fence about signing up.

What a great mix of experience levels. The responses got us extra excited for the Adventure Race, what a fun group to do this with! We are also *delighted* that we’re not the only one with absolutely no race experience what so ever. And by we I mean me. Read on:

I’m a runner so not my first 5k but my first mud race!

Over the last 4 years I have run a number of 5K races throughout the Yankton area.  I have run 2 half marathons and will run my 3rd half in a week at the River Rat Run.  I have competed in 3 sprint triathlons in Yankton (VVV) and Sioux Falls (Dakotaman), and plan to continue doing these triathlon races.  I have yet to run a mud run, this will be my first.  I have helped to train with a friend that has done the tuff mudder and warrior dash races.
I am looking forward to this race as a new challenge.  It should be a lot of fun.
Not only is this my first mud/obstacle race, but it is my first ever 5k!  I  would just say grab your best buds & come out for some FUN!!  It’s not a race for time, so do it for the sense of accomplishment!  This event is in your own backyard- how can you NOT do it?!
This is my first mud run and also my first 5k.  I am not a runner, maybe can handle a mile.  I will be dragging butt but will have a fun time doing it.
I have never done a mud run. I have done 5k before, not a speed demon;) Am training for 1/2 marathon right now, thought it would be a nice way to break up the training and have some fun. I think that is what everyone I have visited with is looking for in this race-having some laughs trying something new!
You only live once! Why not! Nothing to lose!
No experience, never run a 5k, & not athletic- doing it for fun & for a great cause!
Not my first mud run or 5k. As far as for someone who has not done one..the object is to finish, and have a blast doing it!!
Go to the event prepared to meet really nice people and share experience with them…we make it a point to meet as many people as we can! 
First mud race and first 5k. Can’t wait!!!!!!
Yes this is my first mud run/ obstacle course AND my first 5K. I thought “Why not?
So what do you think, have we convinced you yet?


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As they say, the devil is in the details.
People have inquired about things like “start times” and “donations”.
We’ve been avoiding (ok, I’ve been avoiding) setting an actual start time because there so many factors to consider. What if it’s really cold that day? What if it’s super hot? What if I’m really tired from setting up?
Apparently, it’s not all about me.

8:00 am registration, first heat at 9:00.
9:00 am registration, first heat at 10:00.
Thank you racers, for your extreme patience.

If you aren’t able to take part but would like to make a donation, please send a check to:

Enrich Foundation
319 Broadway
Yankton, SD 57078

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Adding Fuel To The Fire

So- visiting the Lewis & Clark Scout Camp today was A-mazing.
Things are really coming together and it makes so much more sense on a warm sunny day in April than it did on a freezing cold day in January.
This race is going to be perhaps the best thing you take part in in, volunteer for, or watch
all summer. Don’t forget to register soon for the best pricing!

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You Say Potato, I say Patato


The race is in approximately 9 weeks. Are you training? If so, what are you doing?

One of my friends is learning to run, and after 30 seconds at her first attempt she decided she needed a little help. She put this app on her iPhone and she was off (to the races):

It’s never too late to start.

Don’t forget to register!

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What Color Is Your Love?

Mmm. Mud.

Gritty, slimy, oozy. Warm, cold, dirty.

As kids we ran up piles of construction site dirt after a storm. A guaranteed dark, dirty, earthy mud. Pudding.


We jumped along rivers and streams, squishing cold, goopy mud between our toes. A faintly iridescent green covering gray, draped over the color of Dairy Queen’s chocolate soft-serve.


Played softball/t-ball/baseball/kickball in the misty rain. Sandy colored, with a hint of bloody knee.


Rode our banana-seat bikes for days and days and days during the everlasting summer. Our legs covered with dark, black soil.

muddy bike

Sigh. I forgot about your appeal, mud.
What color of mud do you love?
Did you register yet?

Warrior Dash 9-15 127

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